P3 Powerlifting

     They say a good nights rest is best for mental and physical performance, but the night before Grand Nationals (July 25th) I laid awake until 3 am. I’d been planning for this meet and to shatter these national records for 8 months. 


     I created the images of me lifting the weight in front of the audience. I allowed myself to think through what it would look like, feel like, sound like, and what the results would be. 
With all of that mental preparation I still allowed myself to take in the experience when I arrived to the venue. My dad walked me in. They took our temps as Covid protocol, and I checked in at the registration desk. 

     The staff were extremely friendly. As I grabbed my weigh in card and walked to the restroom for the scale my eyes scanned the room to see the other lifters. 
I thought I looked strong until I saw everyone in the room looked the same as me. 

     I put that to the side and decided to focus on what my numbers would be for the day. I devoured a protein bar and body armor after weighing in, trying to ease back into eating. Lunch the day before was a protein bar with water and dinner was a single Cane’s chicken finger and three fries to make sure I made weight. 

     My hunger and sleepiness went away once the adrenaline of warming up hit. To my surprise all of my squat warm ups felt light. By the first lift I knew the third attempt would be the national record. The 320 squat attempt for the record went up so easy I probably could’ve added 10 pounds, but I was just glad to have made it that far. One of the most fulfilling moments was walking off the platform to all of my hyped up family members. 

     My brothers were geeked, so I allowed myself to enjoy the rest before getting back into business mode. Next up, the bench press. 

     I opened with my first attempt above the national record, and proceeded to have 3 great attempts! My fourth attempt (only allowed if you’re attempting a national record) was to see if I could break 300 just to set my own record higher. Unfortunately, after watching the video I see my foot slip, which took away my leg drive. Even if the weight went up it would have been a bad attempt since my foot moved.  
During the attempt the entire audience cheered and screamed in hopes I would complete the lift. That feeling is electrifying! 

     All that was left was to deadlift high enough to take the record for total pounds lifted. They add up your three heaviest lifts, and the person with the highest total wins that weight class. I knew I couldn’t deadlift enough to take the deadlift record, but I still wanted that third national record. 

     My third deadlift attempt was just high enough to get that last record without re-injuring my back. I was extremely worn and tired immediately after. Perhaps the adrenaline and shots of honey kept me going the entire day, but as soon as I knew I was done for the day I was ready to pass out. 

     This meet ended with the same fatigue, though I didn’t have quite as exhilarating a performance. I put up solid numbers for the weight class, but less than what I wanted. I want to re-break all three records that I set in July. The best I did was tie on the squat. 

     I hate feeling like I’m making excuses, but there’s a difference between that and realistically taking inventory on why you performed a certain way.
Getting to the hotel at 2 am and not eating after weigh ins both played a role, I weighed in two pounds lighter than I planned to, and all of that aside the last few weeks haven’t been the easiest. I lifted four times between November 24th and December 19th.
     I almost folded and decided not to go, but Mike and Cade worked hard in preparation. I also talked my sisters ear off about her trying to make it to this one, and she was expecting me to bring back another win. My sister isn’t one to care for excuses, so I chose to squeeze in a few workout sessions and to still rock with my guys. In the end it paid off. 

     Personally I brought home: 
First place - unequipped powerlifting 
First place - unequipped bench press (only)

     Cade, a P3 athlete out of Columbus brought home: 
First place - unequipped powerlifting 
First place - unequipped power sports

     Mike, another P3 athlete brought home: 
Second place - unequipped powerlifting 

     I can’t wait to hang the new additions to our collection in the studio. If you haven’t seen it yet you absolutely need to make plans to come hangout with me!