The ‘Why’ for Push Past Pain

     While others use a fresh year to create new goals, I like to use it to refresh my “why.” As society moves towards a more socially conscious driven status, I urge you to remember the things that link you to us.
     That’s the fact that you’re a fighter. 
     Through a tough year you kept fighting— through restrictions, lost loved ones, lost jobs, through anxiety, through poor mental health, bad nutrition. In each and every situation, it may not have been pretty, but you prevailed. 

     This new year gives you a chance to reflect on all that you’ve come through, and ponder on all that you plan to accomplish this year. 

     The three I lost this year are my why. The people who are still here are my why. The legacy I carry is my why. The team who helps me accomplish my personal and business goals are my why. Those of you who have checked in on me these last few months are my why. 

     The ones by my side are the reason I keep fighting, persisting, and of course, pushing. 
     I push to show you that you can too.
     I keep going to show you that you don’t have to quit when you feel like it. I remind you that no matter what’s going on there’s someone who believes in you. 

     In 2020 you fueled me through:
  1. Protesting, marching, and advocating for social equity.
  2. Leading community reconstruction initiatives.
  3. Placing first at a national competition.
  4. Setting 3 national records. 
  5. Delivering food to 1,000 families in need for Thanksgiving.
  6. Winning first as a team at a regional competition.
  7. Posting our strongest financial quarter to date as a brand. 
     Last year was nothing to sneeze at, but in the short time we’ve been in 2021 we’ve: 
  1. Held the first weekend of classes at the brand new Push Past Pain Training Studio. 
  2. Launched an entire line of supplements. 
     Both of those two things are ginormous milestones. Many have known about the studio for a while now, but we’ve worked in silence while creating a meticulously crafted line of products. We’ve even branded this one a little different, naming the line “Genesis.”  

     Genesis means the origin or mode of formation— simply put, the beginning. Here we are, beginning a new year with a new line on products. We expect new results because we are taking new actions. We’re fighting with a renewed why. These five products are why you’ll be that much closer to your goals this year:
  1. P3 Pre- If you don’t use preworkout you’re skipping out on progress. Make sure you can go the extra mile (or rep) and fuel your workouts with both the fuel and clarity you need to be effective. 
  2. GAP Vanilla- Don’t let your hard work go to waste. Making sure you get enough protein in can help make the difference in seeing the growth and power you desire. 
  3. Refuel AF- BCAAs alleviate muscle soreness and reduce muscle fatigue, all in time for you to be ready for that next workout. 
  4. Recovery AF- Certain factors limit your body’s ability to recover and to perform. Think things like stress and lack of proper fuel. Overcome those obstacles by giving your body exactly what it needs. 
  5. KUT AF- sticky, stubborn fat won’t go away? Kick your metabolism into gear with an all natural blend on ingredients compiled to engage your metabolism in a new way.
These aren’t just products, but tools to help you accomplish your why in the new year— and seeing you succeed in 2021 is a part of my why.