Class Descriptions


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     Our yoga classes offer a relaxing and refreshing experience, tailored towards helping you learn the poses, increase your mind-body connection, and grow internally. We focus on both the practical and healing uses of Yoga and look to provide you with steady progress and development in all facets of your personal journey. 

 Saturday, 9:30 am l Tuesday, 7 pm



     Get ready to move and burn! This class focuses on blending core workouts with HIIT exercises to help you SHED some pounds. The instructor will also help with modified movements, so all ages and experience levels are welcome.

 Saturday, 8:00 am, 3:00 pm | Sunday, 12:00 pm


Self Defense

     Learn how to defend yourself and your family in tough situations! Women and teens welcome, as we believe everyone should know how to protect themselves. This class is introductory, and will cover the basics regularly. A more advanced version will be added in the future!

Saturday, 1:30 pm | Sunday, 6:00 pm 



     Gain strength and muscular endurance! See steady progress and reach your goals with this mix of core and mostly calisthenic workouts.

 Saturday, 6:00 pm | Sunday, 3:00 pm



     Intensity is the name of the game in our fast-paced kickboxing class. Practice MMA combos, get your heart rate up, and expect to sweat.

 Saturday, 6:00 pm | Sunday, 1:30 pm


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